Highlights of the last week were salmon cakes in the waffle maker, salads for breakfast, and a dinner party. We don’t even host dinner parties when we can eat and drink everything. It was a bit intimidating, but between the two people who came over we needed to keep it dairy-free, gluten-free, sober and low salt. Pretty perfect pairing with Whole30 actually.

Our menu:
Babaganoush, olive tapenade and veggies (all homemade!)
Salmon simply baked with rosemary and lemon
Roasted Kale and Brussel Sprouts
Poached Pears from It Starts With Food

We of course served La Croixs, and they brought a great smokey tea that was a nice “cocktail” to have pre-dinner. It was all delicious and didn’t feel too much like a crazy diet plan.

I also started an Instagram to keep me motivated. It’s fun to see what other people are making, and I really do think it helps me make full meals so I have better photos to take.

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