We’ve gotten in to the groove. I rarely have to ask “can I have…?” when I’m at the grocery store or standing in my kitchen. I know what to eat and have started cooking more and more. Here’s this week’s overview, onomatopoeia style:

Oops. The only (known) slip ups was some canola oil (which is technically allowed, but just barely and we were trying to cut it out) in some canned herring and brewing tea that had stevia leaf in it. The book actually says something about sucking on the leaves being ok, but it’s sort of a facetious point about eating real food and not processed crap. We dumped the tea.

Drat. I feel like everyone is inviting me to free food events. There’s been galas and restaurant openings and samplings oozing out of the woodwork. I’m currently just declining them all. Part of me wants to go and practice not automatically eating whatever is free, but if the focus is on eating I’d feel awkward watching friends/coworkers eat.

Uff. Still having some gut issues. I’ve tried to up the cooked produce over raw produce, which I’ve read is easier to digest. I just like the crunch of raw and not having to do any prep. I’ve also tried to swap in more veggies in the morning for fruit. I had Brussel sprouts for breakfast yesterday! Who am I?

Ca-ching. So far my monthly spending is down. Eatting out really adds up quickly. That plus buying alcohol and buying processed foods at the grocery store (I’m talking pre-made vegan sandwiches at my co-op grocery) is a large chunk of my spending.

Brrrr. It’s windchill of -33 Fahrenheit here. That kinda puts a damper on everything. We’ve been drinking tea and cuddling under blankets and not doing much beyond washing dishes.

Week 2 was way easy compared to week 1. I’m hoping Week 3 flies by. The point isn’t to dwell on what you’re missing but live in what you’re able to enjoy, but I’m pretty excited for a mocha in a few weeks. I have been thinking about limiting myself to only “real” ingredients for my guilty pleasures – no Milky Ways, just real, good, chocolate. I got this, right?

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