I’ve been collecting words and phrases, I’m sure I’ll add more to this as I go.

Dodgy – suspicious, similar to sketchy or shady in the US
Grotty – dirty, needing a shower, similar to yucky
Willy Willy – a small tornado
Comfort Stop – using the loo, as in “I need a comfort stop” instead of “I have to pee”
“I wouldn’t be dead for quids” – I enjoy being alive in this moment
Beanie – a knitted hat, as worn in winter, while skiing etc.
Widow Maker – a gum tree, as their branches drop unexpectedly, and to disastrous effect
Rooting – colloquialism similar to “banging” or “shagging”
Bum bag – a fanny is something else here, so a fanny pack would be pretty impolite

And my favorite new thing: drop bears. An entire species I didn’t know about before. Luckily I’ve been warned and will keep an eye out.

There’s a also different words for things like raisins, bell peppers, and most brand names (like Sharpies, Saran Wrap etc.) but that’s not quite as interesting.

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